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PBIS Expectations

ATC strives to promote a positive and safe environment for our athletes. Like many local school districts, we have adopted a Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) approach and modified the PBIS expectations for track. Coaches will teach and reinforce the expectations, and athletes will be expected to follow them.

  1. Be safe.
    1. Use all equipment the correct way and only when a coach is present.
    2. If you need to stop and walk, use one of the outer lanes.
    3. Stay hydrated!
  2. Be respectful.
    1. Arrive to practice on time.
    2. Listen when the coach is talking.
  3. Be responsible.
    1. Keep track of all of your belongings (water bottle, shoes, clothes).
    2. Dress according to the weather.
    3. Listen carefully for your event check -in at all meets and be there on time.
  4. Be your best.
    1. Have fun.
    2. Bring a positive attitude and your best effort to every practice.
    3. Congratulate your teammates and competitors.